How has the excursion been as such?

No second thoughts. Yes, I have used sound judgment, awful choices; done great movies, terrible movies. I’ve met some brilliant individuals and been through some exceptionally traumatic encounters yet I figure that is what’s made me the individual that I am today. So unquestionably, no second thoughts. I have turned into a passivist in life so I don’t attempt to set objectives. I trust life is a blessing and I need to live it gainfully. I am not into this numbers diversion. I am not in rivalry with anyone; I simply need to be beneficial. It’s as straightforward as that.

Is there any part you feel you haven’t investigated yet or wish to do?

I have confidence in this adage that ‘in each grain of rice, our name is composed’. Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be, so why fuss? What is currently, is the thing that it is.

Do you feel that path about the movies you sign at this point?

In the event that we as a whole realized what the equation was, everyone would have a 100 for every penny strike rate. It’s about things becoming alright. There are such a large number of components that impact the way a film is made thus numerous reasons why a film is made, here and there notwithstanding for the wrong reasons. It’s a blend. You can’t be non specific about this inquiry.

So what is your standard for doing a film?

My similarity with the maker and executive first. On the off chance that I can’t vibe well with them for five minutes, it is highly unlikely I can burn through 50 days of my existence with them and the other way around. Regardless of the amount they will pay or not pay, similarity is a critical issue for me.

What’s more, shouldn’t something be said about the script?

The script is imperative as well. The last call is dependably with the maker and chief. I never, ever meddle. I may extemporize a specific scene yet the privilege of refusal lies with my maker and executive.

I read some place that ‘Ajith tends to talk his brain which now and again lands him in contentions’. What’s your interpretation of this?

I am truly expressive with my feelings. I don’t think something and say something else. I don’t know whether it’s something I ought to be glad for or to keep an eye out for. Perhaps I am not politically right. I don’t know whether that is a wrongdoing.

To the extent Bollywood goes, you did just ‘Asoka’. Is it safe to say that it was a cognizant choice not to do Hindi movies?

I don’t think such a great amount in premonition, I simply live for the occasion. Truly, nothing happened. Possibly “Asoka” happened on the grounds that Santosh Sivan needed me to be a piece of it. May be nothing genuine came after that, so why stress over it or think twice about it? I am upbeat.

Vijay said that he and you were companions off-screen and any clear contention was just on-screen. Is that valid for everybody in the business?

I am certain that is valid for everybody. Sangeetha and Shalini bond extremely well and our children get to know each other. Professionally additionally we are basically set. I don’t see what the issue is. It harms me to see fans posting exceptionally indecent remarks about each other. I trust it stops. It’s horrifying for a typical individual to see such remarks on long range informal communication locales. Proficient rivalry will dependably be there between various types of performing artists. Be that as it may, to make individual, prurient remarks, it doesn’t go down well. That ought to stop. Whoever does it in the first place, will be looked upon.

Shah Rukh supposes very of you, will be you companions?

I regard him as a performer; he’s originate from exceptionally humble beginnings to be the place he is today. From what I saw amid the making of Asoka, he’s to a great degree persevering. It’s a quality which I respect in individuals. We haven’t generally stayed in contact however he called me when we were in Mumbai shooting for ‘Mankatha’.