This Is How People Reacted To The NATIONAL ANTHEM Being Played For Twice In Dangal Movie

Aamir Khan’s most recent motion picture Dangal has hit the theaters and it has tasted a gigantic achievement. The motion picture is absolutely one of the finest jewels of our Bollywood industry. It discusses everything. From a father’s battle to make his children stand autonomously in their life to demonstrating the sort of affection that we as a whole ought to have for our nation India, it secured all viewpoint.

Be that as it may, while viewing the motion picture Dangal, there came a minute in gathering of people’s life when they were as dumbfounded as the adversaries of Geeta Phogat. According to coordinated by the Supreme Court of India, the motion picture began off with the National Anthem of India. A few people stood up out of regard while some out of the dread of NOT ABIDING BY THE LAW.

Some people stood up out of respect while some out of the fear of NOT ABIDING BY THE LAW

Be that as it may, things got more trickier when the national song of praise was again played toward the end of the film when Geeta Phogat won the gold award for India in CWG 2010. To this, individuals were stuck in an unfortunate situation the same number of them were befuddled about whether to stand up or not. I would say, some did, while some didn’t.

Here are some twitter responses to this befuddled situation that they confronted in the lobby.